1st Five Minutes

A Leader in CPR, AED and Emergency First Aid Training in the San Francisco Bay Area

CPR Training for the Professional Rescuer

We offer courses which fulfill STC certifications and POST mandated requirements for First Aid and Basic Life Support Training for recruit level and advanced officers. Classes are conducted at Bay Area police departments or other Bay Area training facilities. 


CPR Training for the Community Rescuer

We offer courses in basic first aid, adult CPR, child or infant CPR, and AED for the community and at workplaces. These classes can be tailored for schools, gyms, and community emergency response teams (CERTs), as well as offices, groups, clubs, and stores.

Other Training Courses

We offer a Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) course designed to educate infant caregivers and early childhood professionals, as well as a bloodborne pathogen awareness program to help inform how risks of exposure can be reduced.

Why Choose

1st Five Minutes

Learning with us is more than just a certification. Our emergency service courses provide you with a depth of knowledge gathered from law enforcement, firefighting, trauma care, and nursing. Up-to-date and cutting-edge, 1st Five Minutes teaches the science of saving a life.

Our classes are friendly, energetic and immersive. With 1st Five Minutes, you can be an effective force during the 1st Five Minutes of any accident or emergency.

We specialize in training across diverse sectors

Law Enforcement
Medical Professionals
Community Emergency Response Teams  (CERTs)