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Firearms Training


Ki Jeong

Ki is the “key” to your firearm goals at National Defense Training Inc. With over 15 years in training and experience in various sidearms, shotguns, and multiple rifle platforms to long range precision shooting, he brings a charismatic and patient approach to your training needs. He currently competes in USPSA in the Carry Optics division with plans to compete in various games and other divisions in the future.

Classes in Richmond Ca & Hollister Ca. Subject to Availability



/ Intermediate / Advanced



The Level 1 Pistol Course is a firearms training course built to provide a solid foundation for new shooters. Our students will gain an in-depth understanding of how to operate a firearm safely and effectively while being finely tuned and groomed for more advanced courses. This course curriculum consists of:


- Safety Brief

- Basic Pistol Fundamentals

- Draw Stroke

- Mag Changes

- Shooting Drills


- Small Notepad and Pen (Not Required)

- Hydration Source (Not Required)

- Semi-Automatic Pistol

- 3 Magazines

- Gun Holster

- 2 Mag Holsters

- 300 Rounds of Ammo


Dress Attire:

- Long / Short Sleeve shirt

- Pants / Shorts

- Belt

- Closed Toe Shoes



DISCLAIMER: The Level 1 Pistol Course will consist of live fire events following instruction of all safety rules and training on how to properly manipulate the firearm. Any persons not handling their firearm safely will be met with a single warning and further instruction on the safety fundamentals. If unsafe handling of the firearm persists, they will be removed from the class and given a 50% return on their purchase. They will then be given a 50% discount for our Pistol Foundations Course to set them up for success on how to properly handle firearms safely. Any cancellations will need to be made 2 weeks prior to the course date. No refunds will be given for cancellations, but can be rescheduled for future courses.

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