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CPR Training for the Professional Rescuer

We offer courses which fulfill STC certifications and POST mandated requirements for First Aid and Basic Life Support Training for recruit level and advanced officers. Classes are conducted at Bay Area police departments or other Bay Area training facilities. ​

The Curriculum

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Police Station 2

Title 22: First Aid for Public Safety Personnel

This class is a California EMSA approved advanced First Aid course designed for public safety personnel, and is taught under the auspices of a law enforcement academy. It also serves as a bridge between basic and more advanced training. Our lead instructors are POST certified instructors. 


This Title 22 course is intended for police officers and first responders and is a good refresher course for professional rescuers.


This course is organized to provide Advanced First Aid training as well as Basic Life Support for the Professional Rescuer.


Basic Life Support (BLS) for Professional Rescuers

This course is designed to meet the initial BLS CPR requirements for nurses, physicians, dentists, and other health professionals and students.


The American Heart Association initial certification course (4½ hours) is designed to prepare new providers on how to respond to and manage cardiac emergencies, and includes adult, child, and infant CPR, choking and AED usage.


The AHA course also requires the purchase of the BLS for Healthcare Providers Student Manual.



First Aid

This course is designed for the professional rescuer who needs advanced training certification in First Aid.  It is intended for police officers, healthcare professionals, including nurses, respiratory therapists, physical and occupational therapists, medical and nursing students in training.  This course is tailored to the specific needs of your profession, organization or workplace conditions.


Individuals trained to this level should be capable of providing basic first aid involving maintenance of the airway, control of bleeding, immobilization of fractures, CPR and similar duties which do not require the use of the medical equipment carried on ambulances.

Nurse Talking to Patient

Basic Life Support Re-Certification for Healthcare Providers

This course is designed to meet the renewal certification BLS requirements for nurses, physicians, dentists, and other healthcare professionals and students whose current certification may be about to expire and need to re-certify.


This course provides a review of core topics, as well as written and skills testing.

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